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Performance Opportunities in the heart of Vienna

Vienna Opera Festival takes place in the heart of Vienna at the famous Musikverein Concert Hall.

Summer Sessions: February 28, 2023 (You can still submit a late application).

Summer Sessions: July 3 – 22, 2023 | July 31 – August 26, 2023


Hänsel und Gretel and Don Giovanni.

The program consists of:
* Individual coachings for working on your role.
* Italian or German diction
* Auditions / consultation / Q&A with agents.
* 1 performance at the famous Musikverein (Winter and Summer) accompanied by Wiener Festspiele Orchestra conducted by Toby Purser
* 1 concert version with piano at the historic Mozarthaus.
* 1 Cover showcase with piano.

The program runs all day, from 10:30 am to 18:30, of which 6 hours will involve active participation. Each singer has at least one 45 minute coaching with a language coach or stage director. There are daily production rehearsals. Weekends are free except performance dates.

Where does this festival takes place: 

Vienna, Austria.

All performances take place at the famous Musikverein Concert Hall and at the historic Mozarthaus.

What is VOA and VOF?

Vienna Opera Academy is for students who are looking for stage experience and the tools to prepare a role and connect to a network of other singers.

Vienna Opera Festival is directed toward professional opera singers who are searching for performance experience to learn an opera role for their CV.  Only professional and emerging artist may apply.

The Vienna Opera Academy, which is an important part of the Vienna Opera Festival, is different from most other summer courses. It is not just a musical program, but also a chance to learn about the music industry and help build the tools you need for a career. To get an audition for a good agent has become increasingly difficult. During the Academy you will be singing real auditions for a few agencies and receive their feedback and consultation. Through the Academy we hope many of our students will find future performance opportunities in Europe and possibly participate in the Vienna Opera Festival.

* Humility. Understanding that you always have more to learn.
* Commitment.  Knowing that singing opera is the most important thing in your life, not a hobby.
* Collegiality. Being a team player, respectful, kind and friendly to all.
* Performance. Preparing completely and striving to be your best

* Principal roles: € 1950 euros
* Cover roles: € 1650 euros

The tuition can be paid in installments

Attendance Policy: All participants must commit to being physically present and fully available for the entire duration of the program. In the event of a cancellation by the Artist for any reason, any payments made prior to the cancellation shall not be refunded, and the application fee shall be non-refundable.


We do not provide housing but we can recommend accommodations that give a discount to artists of the Vienna Opera Academy starting from €315 for the entire period located in the center of Vienna.

If you need a letter to acquire your visa, we will provide an official letter of acceptance.

Wiener Festspiele Orchestra at the MuTh Concert Hall
Wiener Festspiele Orchestra
Cosi fan tutte at the MuTh Concert Hall
Toby Purser, Conductor
Toby Purser, Conductor


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