Most frequent questions and answers

Vienna Opera Academy is for students who are looking for stage experience and the tools to prepare a role and connect to a network of other singers.

Vienna Opera Festival is directed toward professional opera singers who are searching for performance experience to learn an opera role for their CV.  Only professional and emerging artists may apply.

Yes, there should be the opportunity to sing with the orchestra during the two sitzprobe rehearsals.

No. If the faculty feels you are ready, there may be a chance to sing in one of the Mozarthaus concerts. 

We aim to keep our rehearsal process as similar to a professional environment as possible, while also ensuring there are extra opportunities for covers to sing in production rehearsals if they are ready musically.  We therefore need to make sure that the two principal casts are thoroughly prepared, but would also make sure you are included in rehearsals as much as possible. You would also receive musical coaching from Toby Purser and the assistant conductors. As in a professional company, you would only replace a principal singer in performance if the company was confident you were fully prepared and knew your role completely. If not, the role would be performed by the principal singer from the other cast. 

Yes, there will be a cover run with piano on the final Friday, in the performance venue, and you will also be singing in the chorus in our performances. Everyone will be singing for each other on the first day of the program. Occasionally other public concert performance opportunities are possible at the discretion of the faculty. We need to be certain it would be the right experience for you. There should also be the chance to sing your arias with orchestra during the orchestra rehearsals. 

Initially you will be observing. Once the principals are confident musically and with their staging, you will have a chance to sing in rehearsals if there is time still available. There are usually 2  covers for each role, but we will ensure that you all receive equal stage and musical rehearsal time.