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Pianist Repetiteur

Pantelis Polychronidis, painist and repetiteur at the Vienna Opera Academy / Festival.
Pantelis Polychronidis, painist and repetiteur at the Vienna Opera Academy / Festival.
Jeremy Cooke, pianist at the Vienna Opera Academy / Festival.
Jeremy Cooke, pianist.
Playing orchestral reductions on the piano requires certain skills and presents a challenge to all collaborative pianists: 
(How) to make the piano sound like an orchestra (and develop a sense for timbres and colors) and on top of that WHAT to play (meeting decisions and making compromises) and HOW to play it (one needs a different sound/articulation for strings or woodwinds etc).

During this course we will learn more about those skills and we will practice them.

It is certainly a very creative, fascinating and rewarding process/journey for every collaborative pianist.
Dr. Pantelis Polychronidis
Pianist-Senior Lecturer 
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst 

The Pianist Program consists of:

–  Minimum 2 hours piano class each week.
– Italian and German language coaching
– Attend vocal coachings, recitative class and masterclasses.

Take an active role in every vocal coaching and performance rehearsals every afternoon, by acting as piano assistant to Toby Purser or Alessandro Pagliazzi or vocal teachers.

When ready, offered the opportunity to play parts of the production rehearsal.

At the discretion of the faculty, be offered the possibility to rehearse or perform an opera scene in concert.

Individual feedback, video analysis and 1:1 tutorial time through the week and after most rehearsals.

Tuition: €800


We do not provide housing but we can recommend accommodations that give a discount to artists of the Vienna Opera Academy starting from €315 for the entire period located in the center of Vienna..

If you need a letter to acquire your visa, we will provide an official letter of acceptance.


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